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Sun-Ray Pools – Custom in ground gunite swimming pool builders and renovations » Ready to Start?
So you've discussed it and decided that investing in an in-ground gunite pool is what you'd like to do.  We are most certainly here to help!

A Gunite Pool Is More Than Just A Hole In The Ground

During the planning stages of your new pool, you will be presented with many choices.  The beauty of a gunite pool is that your options are virtually limitless and your pool will be 100% custom and one of a kind.  When considering the overall initial cost estimate for your pool, the highest determining factor is simply the perimeter size of your pool.  The shape and depth play little to no part in determining your cost.


Get creative!  You want your swimming pool to fit you, your family's, and your landscape's personality.  The overall size and shape is obviously the most noticeable feature of your pool.  Do you like straight edged pools?  Or are you looking for something more natural looking?  Again, shape really plays no part in the cost.  So if you have ideas, let us know!  And if you're not sure, we have a staff member that can help you design your pool using VizTerra™, a top of the line, professional hardscaping, landscaping and swimming pool design software.



If your pool's shape and size is considered the overall setting, then the individual features for your pool are the main characters!  Features can include a beach entrance, rock designs, waterfalls, bubbling jets, deck jets, a slide, diving board/rock/platform, spa, vanishing edge, tile mosaics, etc. Additionally, we can even create features that are around the pool but not part of the pool itself - like a firepit, fish pond, outdoor kitchen, and landscaping.  Again, the options are limitless!  You can request as few or as many features as you like.




The details of your swimming pool includes coping, tile, plaster color/texture, mosaics, and lighting. We get your materials from a wide variety of sources, so again, you have many options to choose from.



Coping is essentially the finished edge of your swimming pool.  The basic coping options are:  flagstone style, bullnose, and safety grip.  A flagstone style coping is flat on top but with a slightly rough edge.  It's great with the more natural looking pools. Bullnose coping is the basic smooth finished style with a rounded edge while safety grip is almost identical except that it has a curve to it to allow easier grip if you're treading water near the edge or climbing out of your pool.  Many colors and finishes are available.  See some examples at a couple of our sources:  Noble Tile Supply & National Pool Tile Group.



The finish determines the overall color and style of the interior walls of your pool.  You could go with a darker, more muted finish that gives your pool a natural pond or lake color, or a bright, reflective finish that gives your pool that beautiful crystal blue look.  We've got quite a few options for finishes as well.  Get inspired and get some ideas at one of our supplier's sample page: National Pool Tile Group - Finishes.



We have a vast array of tiles and styles of tiles to choose from.  Glass, glazed, solid colors, patterned, quarzite, and simulated stone to just name a few.  Typically, the main tile work for your pool is along the waterline just below the coping.  The tiles define your pool's interior shape and allows for easier cleaning at the waterline.  You may also want to incorporate tile work into the bottom of your pool to add character and details, such a mosaic pictures or designs.  Check out a sampling of the many types and styles of tile available here: National Pool Tile Group - Tiles and Noble Tile Supply.



Your finished deck is a major feature that can greatly enhance the entire look and functionality of your swimming pool.  Well, Sun-Ray Pools can certainly build your deck as well.  Whether you choose a traditional wood deck, a stone deck or patio, or a mix of all three, we can handle it.  We've built tiered decks with steps, foot bridges, stone patios, you name it!  Extend your indoors to the outdoors and enjoy a place to relax when taking a break from your pool.




One of the final things to consider is the general landscaping surrounding your pool.  Not only does Sun-Ray Pools build swimming pools, features and decks, but we've also been known to plant a tree or two!  We can most certainly handle landscaping your surrounding pool area.  Part of the pool planning process can include your landscaping needs so that you have a clear visual understanding of what your swimming pool and area will look like when it's finished.  Great landscaping can truly turn your pool and backyard into your own vacation oasis!



After deciding on your swimming pool's size and shape, what features you'd like to have, your deck and landscaping you can consider some other great additions to your pool area.  At Sun-Ray Pools, we can plan and build additions such as a firepit, outdoor fireplace, an outdoor kitchen or other amenities you may want near your pool.